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Rayleigh Town Museum


Our Lift

Motala MC2000 Platform Lift

disabled logo All access is by our lift
Approved for Disabled/Wheelchair users

As it says above our lift is not a moving box it is just a platform that moves up and down
to get you into and out of the museum.

It can lift 6 people or 500kg (78 Stones).

The door is 90cm (31 inches) wide and 200cm (6' 6") high. The platform is 100cm (3' 3") wide, 140cm (4' 7")deep.

Should you need assistance there is a doorbell and intercom just outside the front door.
Alternatively our phone number is 01268 773535.

We have a Wheelchair and a Walker available for your use.

Our Platform Lift in Action

For those of you that don't like using a lift
Here is a short video to let you see our Platform Lift in action.

The Museum is on the 1st Floor of
91 High Street

Car Park Map

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