Rayleigh Town Museum

The Bakers Cart

The cart had been in storage for years awaiting a home.
Rayleigh Town Museum is now that home.

It was moved from the store in King Georges Park to the Museum on Sunday 10th January 2016.

Click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger version.

thumbnail picture of Bakers Cart

thumbnail picture wheel

thumbnail picture of bakers cart wheelnut hovis

Here is the cart in the store in King Georges Park

The wheel of the cart

Take a look at the name on the wheelnut

thumbnail picture of alan and terry with bakers cart

bakers cart in websters way car park

moving the bakers cart

Alan and Terry moving the cart through King Georges Park

Councillors, Runwell Wyvern Rugby Club Rayleigh Town Museum Team

Runwell Wyverns Rugby Club taking charge of the Bakers Cart in this stage of the move.

bakers cart

bakers cart

bakers cart

Taking the wheels off for the lift into the Museum

And lift

Almost there

bakers cart in foyer

inside the museum

It's inside the Museum

Councillors and Runwell Wyverns Rugby Club

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