Calling the Lift

When you enter the front door of the museum the lift is directly in front of you.

If the lift is on the first floor you will need to press the call button.

The call button pictured left is on the right hand side of the lift door.

When you press the button it should light up red.

It should then take around 24 seconds to come down.

Access to the Museum by Lift

Lift information and Assistance

As you can see from the above left picture, our lift is not a moving box, it is just a platform that moves up and down to get you into and out of the museum.

It can lift 6 people or 500kg (78 Stones).

The door is 90cm (31 inches) wide and 200cm (6' 6") high. The platform is 100cm (3' 3") wide, 140cm (4' 7")deep.

The lift takes around 24 seconds to travel up to the first floor.

Should you need assistance there is a doorbell and intercom just outside the front door.

Alternatively our phone number is 01268 773535.

We have a Wheelchair and a Walker available for your use.

Inside of Museum's lift Museum's lift signage